Sunday, 24 May 2015

Works in Progress

Not many finishes since I last blogged due to work and home commitments
I had a great time at a recent stitching day with Gail Pan and Ramona Hermans. I have completed the stitcheries for two of their projects and hope to put them together this week. I completed a gorgeous bag at another full day workshop. Exhausting and lots of new techniques, photo to come this week. I also finished a Gail Pan bag for a bloggers swap. The annual Geelong Quilt In was a great day and fun time catching up with friends.
My puppy arrives next week, if I do not want my threads and stitching to be chewed up, I am going to have to learn to be a tad tidier!


  1. Good morning Annie ,how exciting getting a new puppy looking forward to seeing those pics.xx

  2. I'd be packing my sewing away too. Don't want it eaten. It was fun shopping with you and getting labelled the naughty one

  3. Looking forward to seeing you soon

  4. Are you going to do any more posts


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