Friday, 24 July 2015

Don't fall over- I am writing today

All set to blog today, have been encouraged by Mel and my naughty friend Jo Butterfield. Have been outside and taken some photos but I carny remember how to add them!!! Please help girls! Can't understand my daughter's instructions and the photos I have taken on my iPad
Looking forward to NOTY retreat next weekend, Mel and Chris will be joining me checking out the patchwork shops on the way and meeting new people


  1. Hi Annie, Chookyblue has this way of emailing to your blog...
    I tend to link from the post... when you write your post you will see icons above one of which is to add pictures... see if you can find it.. you then go to that picture in your files and add it.... I wonder if that helps?
    PS welcome back to blogland.....

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  3. I would fall over if I wasn't already lying down. Looking forward to the answers as I don't know how to add photos on the iPad. Great to see you yesterday.

  4. I only blog on my iPad. It is quite a few steps for me to do it but this is how I manage. I sign in to google+. Upload photos to picasa web album. Close account. Then can add to my post following Fiona's instructions. I am going to NOTY on the first Thursday if you want me to show you how I do it. I can't explain it too well.
    If anyone one has any easier way I would love to hear it.
    Have fun at the retreat. Don't get into trouble or you will be in the corner. Good to see you on here. Hope you are feeling better..

  5. Lol great to hear from you my friend ,yep I fell down,a post I couldn't believe it,lol xx


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